idhl appoints Mike Sprot as Chief Financial Officer

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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

IDHL – The Connected Agency Group – is pleased to welcome Mike Sprot as Chief Financial Officer.

The rate of growth at IDHL following new business acquisitions, an increasing product and service portfolio, and the expansion of their Finance and Group Operations teams, required the creation of a new Director-level post which will enable closer attention to critical areas of the business.

Taking over responsibility as Chief Financial Officer, Mike joins idhl from Jaywing, where, since 2015, he also held the position of Chief Financial Officer. Highly experienced, he brings with him a depth of relevant experience held by few, with many years’ in a PLC background alongside sector-specific and international experience, all of which align to idhl’s ambitious growth strategy.

Dennis Engel, Chief Executive, idhl, said: “This appointment represents a strategic milestone in the evolution of the Group, reflecting our significant growth over recent years, which is continuing despite current market conditions. Mike’s background and external experience will prove a powerful combination as we embark on the next phase at IDHL.”

Mike Sprot, Chief Financial Officer, IDHL, commented: _“It’s a hugely exciting time to be joining IDHL. I look forward to being part of the Group’s ambitious growth strategy and supporting the achievement of this through a unique depth of industry understanding alongside fund raising and acquisition expertise.” _

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