"Agencies can be famously self-absorbed. We put the client at the centre of our universe. Our extensive menu of supporting processes and home-grown tools maintains the focus on what our clients need. It’s also important to empower the amazing colleagues we work with so they can do their best work, for you.

With a unique blend of science and art, we have a way to deliver incredibly creative solutions, with very high quality and consistency. And we do that because the data says it’s the right thing to do.

The overarching Group strategy is to Win-Win. This ensures that you, the client, is achieving results, and from that, it follows that we’ll be rewarded appropriately. All the training we do is geared around understanding client needs. We focus on understanding objectives and what winning looks like to you so we can deliver that efficiently.

Our teams consistently review and track client progress. The software systems and processes that we built to support this are unique in the agency space and benefit us and you in equal measure. More importantly, they work across all our operating agencies to produce an integrated approach which clients appreciate."

Meet our senior leadership team

Dennis Engel

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ben Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Sprot

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Turner

People Director

Sharon Palmer

Director, Group Accounts and Client Success

Lewis Sellers

Managing Director, Web Division

Jonathan Healey

Managing Director, Web Division

Dean Skidmore

Managing Director, Search Division

Ian Lloyd

Managing Director, Search Division

Richard Ellis

Managing Director, equation

Julie Davey Wood

Director of Group Sales Operations

Tom Rigden

Commercial Director

Opportunities are rife in the world of digital and at idhl Group. We aspire to realise the full potential of our people and to be the most innovative, creative and complete digital partner for our clients. Take a look at what’s on offer.

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