We’re bringing sustainable change to digital

The internet accounts for nearly 4% of the world’s carbon emissions. By 2025, the ICT industry could account for a fifth of the world’s energy consumption. Mobiles and laptops, data centres and transmission networks - all of it is consuming electricity which equals carbon emissions.
We’re doing our bit to create a more sustainable world through our websites, partnerships and the way we work.

We’re all responsible

Websites have a carbon footprint and, as a group of digital agencies, we work on a lot of them. That’s why it’s our mission to reduce the impact our agencies are having on the world. To do this, we have:

  • Reviewed our agency websites and taken sustainable steps to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Asked our hosting providers across the group to register with The Green Web Foundation
  • Developed an audit to identify changes our clients can make to their website that will decrease their carbon footprint


idhl Group are committed to adopting practices and policies that are better for the environment and can help reduce the negative impact on the current climate.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee advises and assists the board in fulfilling the ESG responsibilities of the Group.

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