An Analysis of Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies 2017

As a Digital Agency with a data driven difference, it comes as no surprise that when Econsultancy revealed their 2017 Top 100 Digital Agencies, not only did we hurry to check our ranking, we delved deeper to see what insights we could unearth.

Not only does the Top 100 show agency income for that year, it also provides a comprehensive breakdown by product area including SEO, Creative and Media buying, and with previous years data also available to review, what started as a simple “How do we compare?” quickly escalated into V-Lookups, formulas and filters galore, identifying some pretty staggering stats.

Now we should make it clear that Econsultancy’s Top 100 list, which ranks agencies by their fee income from UK digital activities after deducting third party costs, is based on self-reported figures, therefore our analysis assumes that the data provided is correct.

That said, here are our top three takeaways from this year’s results:

  1. 30 New Entrants made the Top 100 List
    Making the list is one thing, staying on the list is another. In what is still a relatively young industry, emerging entrants continue to nip at the heels of Digital giants… with nearly a third of last year’s agencies not making the cut, it would potentially only take a couple of years before the whole Top 100 is an entirely different line up to that seen in 2016! A scary thought for all Digital Agencies I’m sure you’d agree – but after that sinks in, you’re left with raw challenge we all face… the continuous need for innovation and results.
    new entrants  
  2. Don’t overlook rank by Product Area – You may be surprised to learn who comes out top
    While an all-encompassing Top 100 brings significant kudos to those topping the list, it runs the risk of success by specialisms not being acknowledged. When you drill into the ranks of this very same 100 Digital Agencies focused on specific product areas (e.g. SEO, Media Buying), the rankings are turned entirely on their head.If you’re in the market for a new Digital partnership, consider your specific digital requirements and make sure you know who the top players are in these areas. This can easily be done using Econsultancy’s collated data.Top SEO Agencies  Top PPC Agencies 
  3. A YOY Perspective – Celebrating business growth
    When you take growth as a percentage of income compared to last year’s data (don’t worry, we cross referenced to check for inconsistencies in agency names first), whether by all business or broken down by product, this again unveils some interesting finds. An agency’s rank in the Top 100 doesn’t always reflect their individual success – in fact, you could have climbed the rank and be number five yet be experiencing declining media buying or creative business. Likewise, you could have dropped to number 70 yet be enjoying significant growth in one area or another.
    SEO Growth  PPC Growth

Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies is publicly available for download here:

You can also view our consolidated document which shows our findings here: